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Be Thankful Thursday – We Usually Get Second Chances

Thursday’s posts are about things that help us keep perspective in life.

Last weekend I went to a volunteer orientation session for the Seattle Union Gospel Mission.  A lady who works there now gave some pretty moving testimony about how she spent ten years on the streets, addicted to drugs and committing crimes to support her habit.

During those ten years she was arrested 46 times and convicted 30 times.  Can you imagine?  I’m sure I would have looked at her and thought she was a hopeless case.

But the 46th time she went to jail she connected with some ladies who volunteered at the prison doing crafts activities and a Bible study, and her life changed radically.  That was nine years ago, and since then she’s been drug-free and now works at the shelter helping other people.

So it reminded me of some things to be thankful for:

If we didn’t grow up in a family so messed up that it was easy for us to end up on the streets, that’s more than a lot of people get.

We often are given multiple chances to get things right.

We have the opportunity to help people if we want to.  (Remember after the cyclone in Myanmar, when the government cracked down on its own people for helping out victims and they had to sneak relief supplies to them at the risk of being arrested, or worse?)

On a purely practical note, the Seattle Union Gospel Mission has amazing copywriting and graphics on all their stuff, so if you send them money you’ll get their flyers, which is like taking a course in effective direct mail.  Just a thought. 🙂

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