December 16, 2018

How to Win With Home Buyer Consultations (#007)

by Irene Nash

OK, fellow agents... who DOESN'T want to always work with prepared, knowledgeable, and loyal home buyer clients?

Show of hands.... Anyone? Anyone? :)

I totally get it. Working with uncommitted prospects can be completely draining (not to mention very unprofitable), and sometimes our clients may not seem ready to move forward when we think they should be.

In my experience the problems usually boil down to two issues:

1) The client has concerns about the home buying process that are simply due to a lack of knowledge.

2) The client doesn't know enough about us to have a good reason to be committed to us as their agent.

Both of these problems are solved when you do home buyer consultations for your buyer prospects and clients. These consultations are SO worth it, and they're win-win: great for your clients, and great for your real estate business!

In Episode 007 of the podcast we finish up our two-part segment on Home Buyer Consultations with tips on:

  • How to invite your home buyer prospect to a consultation.
  • How to close (kindly, non-awkwardly) at the end of the consultation.
  • What NOT to say when you give your invitation. (Seriously - words that make me feel like leaping out of my chair and sprinting towards the deep woods, hurdling logs and small mammals.) OK, I'm a bit claustrophobic. But you get the drift.

Don't miss part 1 of this segment in Podcast Episode 6, "Are Home Buyers Really Liars?".  (You'll find two great free downloads for you there as well.)

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