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How to Put a Contact Form on Your Website

These days there are some great online services that make it easy to build web forms that you can link to from your website, blog or emails.  One of my favorites is Formspring, due to its ease of use, friendly interface and multiple pricing options (including a free version.)

Just to be clear, it’s MUCH better to link to a contact form than to your email address directly.   I find it so annoying when I click on a “Contact Me” link and my computer automatically loads the Microsoft Outlook mail editor, which I never use – so I have to wait for the page to load and then click several times to close it out.  Grrr. 🙂

Using a form also allows you to get a better idea of what your visitors really need.  Here’s an example of one that took just a couple of minutes to create:

Sample Formspring form
(Paid accounts don’t show the Formspring logo at the end.)

Formspring Ease of Use

Creating the forms is drag-and-drop easy, even for the technically challenged.  You can insert the forms into a site or blog by copying or pasting the javascript or html they give you into a page (so you do need to know how to do that, but for anyone who blogs this is cut-and-paste easy again.)

Even if you think that’s beyond your skills, you can always use a straight link to the form, and link to it from your emails or any text or graphic on your website or blog.

So are you ready to boost the professional look of your online contact forms?  Click here to check Formspring out.

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