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How to Make 3-Way Calls on a Blackberry Pearl

Yesterday I needed to join two calls on a Blackberry Pearl so that I could record the conversation.  I flubbed it up, and then looked online and found that it’s actually quite easy.

Here’s the short version, or you can click here to go to the AT&T 3-way calling Blackberry tutorial.

1. Connect with the first call.

2. Press the ‘phone’ button to make the second call.  Either choose from recent calls, the address book, or click ‘one-time dial’ to dial manually.

As soon as you connect with the second call the first is automatically put on hold.

3.  With the two calls connected (one on hold) click the trackball and choose “Join.”

Now both calls should be joined with you to allow a 3-way conversation.

To join more calls just repeat the steps above.

Tip:  If you use an online recording service like Audio Acrobat, you need to be able to use this 3-way feature to record a phone conversation, since the call to the recording service is the second call that needs to be ‘joined’ in order to record the conversation between you and the first call.

By the way, here’s a list of Blackberry Pearl shortcuts, and here’s a map of the Blackberry Pearl keypad layout.

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