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Do Your Real Estate Clients Know About New Lead-Based Paint Regulations?

Effective April 22, 2010, important new federal regulations went into effect regarding  how remodeling firms and contractors need to handle work done in pre-1978 housing.  Called the Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule (RRP), it requires firms and their employees to be certified by the EPA in order to do any work that disturbs lead-based paint on six or more square feet of interior space or more than 20 square feet of exterior space.

The rule does not apply to homeowners doing work themselves on their own homes, but anyone hiring a contractor needs to be aware of the new requirements.  In addition, property owners doing work on their own pre-1978 rental properties or any pre-1978 space occupied by a child care facility are subject to the new law.

This is an important change to make sure your real estate clients and any contractors you work with are aware of.  Here are some links to more information:

The EPA’s ‘Renovate Right: Important Lead Hazard Information for Families, Child Care Providers, and Schools’ pamphlet (pdf).

The main EPA page about the Renovation, Repair and Painting rule.

Here’s a link to the entire RRP rule, but it’s hefty; you might find the National Association of Home Builder’s summary of the new legislation a more helpful read.  (Note that they state that the regulation applies to pre-1978 homes inhabited or frequented by pregnant women or children under the age of six, but this is because there is currently a waiver that homeowners can sign to opt out of the contractor requirements if neither of those two conditions apply.  Effective July 6, 2010, the opt-out waiver option goes away.)

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