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Why I Haven’t Been Posting

 Photo of Irene and Jackson, the miniature donkey

It’s true, there’s a new man in my life. ūüôā

OK, just kidding.¬† But meet Jackson, one of my nephew’s miniature donkeys – just one of many cute reasons why instead of getting extra work done while I visited family in Pennsylvania over the holidays, I ended up sticking with the basics.¬† (And also didn’t post on here for nearly 3 weeks!)

I know that’s the sign of a good vacation.¬† But my goal for this year is to post much more regularly.¬† I’m constantly thinking of useful tips for agents that I could add on here quickly, then getting caught up in other things and not¬†getting around to¬†it.

(And in the blink of an eye, weeks go by…)

Do You Have Leftover Goals From 2007?

Part of the reason I mention this is to ask you Рcan you look back at 2007 and see some big plans you had in mind for your real estate business that are still waiting in the wings?  Maybe it was a new client appreciation program, a real estate blog, or an upgrade to your website.

We tend to think that we need to implement massive changes in order to move forward (a new website!  hand-delivered complimentary market analyses for every client!) but the truth is that small increments of improvement made consistently over time generate stronger results, and build better work habits.

Just Do It РEven Just a Little.

So if you haven’t gotten the perfect client perk together yet, keep it on the drawing board – but call or email them today just to say hi, or to give them the scoop on a listing in their neighborhood.¬† They might just surprise you by saying they’ve been meaning to contact you because they’re thinking of selling, or they have a friend moving into town.

(And even if they don’t, a friendly ‘hello’ from you beats deafening silence – as long as you give them plenty of opportunity to get off the phone when they want to.)

By the way, this is the kind of thing I have to remind myself of all the time.  Putting consistency into practice is the big challenge for me, as it is for most entrepreneurs.

But the fact remains:  A little, done occasionally, will build your business faster than those big projects that are so daunting they rarely get completed.

So¬†that’s one of areas I’m working to improve on in 2008.¬†¬†(I encourage you, if you’re reading this post and see that I¬†waited 3 weeks before posting again, to send me a snipey comment reminding me to stop yakking and to lead by example.)

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irenedorang - January 14, 2008

That’s exactly it Lori – funny you mention working out and a new website, those are both current projects. ūüôā


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