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Video: How to Get More Online Traffic to Your Real Estate Website Using Google Trends

For your real estate marketing, you probably know that  you get more online traffic to your real estate website, blog, and social media pages when you use the same keywords in your page titles and text that people use in their online searches.  But… how do you know what keywords your prospective real estate clients are actually using?

(After all, our real estate prospects don’t always think like we do!)

Well, Google Trends is a great free tool that helps you quickly choose the best keywords and keyword phrases.  Here’s an example, using a screenshot I took when I was deciding on the title for this post:


By typing these keywords into Google Trends I can quickly see that ‘online traffic’ is searched for on Google more frequently than ‘web traffic’ or ‘website traffic’, so ‘online traffic’ is the term I should prioritize in my title and text.

You can do the same thing when preparing your real estate website, blog and social media pages.  For example, if you’re writing tips for home buyers, check to see if more people search for ‘home buying’ or ‘buying a home’ so that you can prioritize either the term ‘home buying tips’ or ‘tips on buying a home’.

(Bonus!  Click here to see those two keyword phrases compared for you on Google Trends.)

(A slight caveat:  If you really delved into research, you might find that while the general public uses one term most frequently, your prospective clients use another.  However, this would take a ton of time, and if you just start thinking more about optimizing your website text and page titles with keywords using Google Trends you’ll be miles ahead of where you were.  Plus, it takes just a few seconds!)

To see how easy it is, check out our video showing how you can boost your real estate marketing using Google Trends:

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Costa rica property - July 30, 2009

Nice post, google trends is an outstanding tool

    Irene Dorang - August 1, 2009

    Thanks, I agree – the more I use it, the more I use it! 🙂


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