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Let Zig Ziglar Help You Achieve Your Goals

Have you set your real estate business goals the year?  Whether you already have or they’re still in the works, I highly recommend taking a few moments to watch this video of Zig Ziglar explaining how to set goals in a way that helps you successfully achieve them.  I’ve seen it a few times before, but I always find his advice really insightful – it falls into the category of things that intuitively make sense when you hear them but that are quite easy to forget when you’re bouncing around in the day-to-day world.

Some great Zig Ziglar quotes from the video:

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Great Real Estate Marketing Pop-By Idea

Looking for a nice way to reconnect with your real estate clients?  At this morning’s office meeting I heard from some agents who are popping by their clients’ homes to say hello and drop off a Hot/Cold thermal bag as a gift.  These bags keep items hot or cold for up to 3 hours, and are great for summer get-togethers and picnics.

Personally I’d be pleased if someone dropped one of these off on my doorstep – I don’t have any, and they look really handy.  You can currently get Hot/Cold thermal bags for just $2.38 each ($119 per case of 50) at the American Bag Company.

Top Reasons People Unsubscribe from Email Newsletters

Are you sending out real estate marketing via email to your prospects and clients?  Email can be a powerful tool for you and an incredibly useful medium for your readers, as long as you remember… real estate email marketing needs to be approached CAREFULLY.

Here’s a recent graph from the marketing research firm Marketing Sherpa that shows the top reasons why people unsubscribe from business emails.


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A Great Real Estate Postcard Idea

Link to this photo at DreamstimeWant an eye-catching way to advertise to home buyers?  Send this picture as a postcard, with the tagline “Considering Your Next Move?” to prospective home buyers, with a blurb about your services on the back.

(Hey – dogs, dry humor – it’s an unbeatable combination. )

This photo is available here at Dreamstime, which is a royalty-free photo source where you can purchase credits that you use to buy photos with.

For this one you’d want the 300 dpi option (the second one) so that it would print correctly, which would cost just $2.  (The version on the left is watermarked, too small to use and copyrighted unless you actually purchase it at Dreamstime.)

If you want a super easy-to-use, high quality real estate postcard service try XpressDocs – they will actually take an order up to 2 pm CST and have it at your doorstep the next business day.