August 17, 2007

Sometimes, Call When You Have Nothing to Say

by Irene Nash

Dog with headsetSo… On Sunday, the other agent said you could expect the inspection response from his clients to arrive on Monday or Tuesday.

Now it’s Tuesday 3 pm, and so far nothing.

Technically, they’re still within the time frame they mentioned (and their legal deadline doesn’t run out until Wednesday).

On the other end, your own clients know that you might not get any response at all until all the way up until Wednesday and it would still be OK.

So do you call your clients to check in anyway on Tuesday?

(You know you’re on top of things – maybe you’ve even left a voice mail for the other agent asking for an update and haven’t heard back yet.) Either way, essentially you have nothing to say, right?

But here’s what your clients are wondering:

“Did she forget????”

An easy gesture that goes a LONG way with clients is simply just calling to say,

“Hey, I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you, we’re still waiting on (whatever it is). As soon as I hear I’ll let you know right away.”

GONE is the mounting annoyance and growing suspicion that you might have forgotten, along with…

The nervous desire to call you to check, combined with the frustration that they have to call you to check…

Replaced with, “How great that she called just to update us!” RELIEF!

Yes, this seems like simple pie when we read it in the calm light of day. But in the midst of a busy schedule when we have many important calls to make, it can be easy to forget that it doesn’t matter if WE know we have something covered if our clients spend the day thinking that maybe we don’t.

(They experience frustration just wondering about it, so in a sense they – and our image – suffer some of the same result as if we had actually dropped the ball.)

So sometimes, just taking the extra minute to pick up the phone just to say “nothing” can do wonders – and your clients will love you for it.

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