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The Smart Youtube Plugin for Your WordPress Blog

I’m trying out the Smart Youtube plugin for WordPress, by Vladimir Prelovac.  It makes it super simple to customize the size of the Youtube player, add borders and change border colors.  It also makes the code simpler to copy and paste over, since you just use the straight link and add a ‘v’ after ‘http’ in the Youtube url.

Here’s a sample, using a video that I just love.  (If an ad comes up in the bottom you can just click the ‘x’ button to close out the ad.)


Another nice thing about the Smart Youtube plugin is that you can choose to not show related videos at the end, which is often a good idea for a business blog that needs to be appropriate for all audiences – just to be on the safe side.

Here’s the link to the Smart Youtube plugin download at WordPress.

By the way, plugins are just add-ons that you download and install in your WordPress blog to be able to do all kinds of cool things in addition to what the blog normally lets you do.  Amazingly, plugins are generally free, although you can often donate to the developer (and we do when we use a plugin a lot.)

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