December 8, 2008

Monday’s Marketing Tip – What Works? Showing Up!

by Irene Nash

I was teaching a clock hours class the other week and surveyed the agents to find out what they were doing for marketing and how it was working out.

The person who had the best results from a specific marketing push was a lady who dropped pumpkins off at her clients’ homes before Halloween and got a listing, as well as a good potential for a second listing.

At the time I thought it would make a useful post, and then this morning… my broker told me that during his agent days (he was super successful, by the way) he dropped pumpkins off at his clients’ homes once and his phone rang off the hook for days!

I know – pumpkins?  Who knew. :)

OK, the point is not that we have to cart vegetables around or show up in person every month, but that we do need to occasionally get in front of our past clients.

Here’s a suggestion.  Find something they’ll appreciate, for example:

  • A resource list of your favorite service providers.
  • Calendars or calendar magnets – check out, I haven’t used them but they look like a great resource.
  • Cookies or treats (NOT fruitcake.)
  • A yearly home maintenance list.
  • You name it – something from you.

Give a quick call and tell them you’ll be around to drop something off, then leave it at their door and visit if you get a chance.

Big tip:  What I learned last month is that a surprising number of my clients who bought a few years ago are thinking of moving up or out – yes, despite the slow market and glum stock performances.

So get in front of your peeps!  Give them a treat, and a chance to tell you what’s on their mind.  It’s a nice thing to do this time of year, and you’ll be setting yourself up for more business in 2009.

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