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Should You Really Join a Health Club to Meet Clients?

Only if you are committed to exercising and improving your health!

But how many times does a new or struggling real estate agent hear these words of advice? (“You need to just start joining organizations so that you meet people – try a health club.”

The advice is well intended, and useful if further direction is provided, but unfortunately it typically isn’t. Yes, you need to get out there and meet people who might be potential clients – but if you want to be successful, you need to be selective.

Join organizations that:

Focus on something that is a passion for you, such as yachting, dog agility training, classic cars, scrap booking, horseback riding, skiing, motorcycles, school alumni association.

Support a cause you believe in, such as breast cancer awareness, Make-a-Wish Foundation, environmental protection, an arts foundation, or Habitat for Humanity.

Benefit your target market, such as a neighborhood park association, city council, chamber of commerce, community center, YMCA, house boat association.

Educates you and/or facilitates networking, such as a mastermind group, Toastmasters, or the Chamber of Commerce.

By joining such groups you meet people that you have a connection with, so small talk is not a problem. When you spend time with such people they will want to learn about you, including what you do for a living. You will also have a chance to demonstrate your integrity and build trust – something that isn’t easy to do with just marketing literature.

According to the 2006 NAR® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers selecting an agent that is honest and trustworthy/high integrity was the most important factor for buyers and the second most important factor for sellers.

Best of all, while you are meeting new people and growing your client list you will also enjoy yourself and possibly even make a difference to others. So get involved – but for the right reasons!

by Michelle Blue

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