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Wednesday’s Web Tip – Share Documents Online with Scribd

Scribd is a cool, free online service that helps you share documents online by embedding them in your web pages.  If you don’t own a website, you can still post your documents on Scribd for free, where they can be read without having to be downloaded first.

This solves the problem of having to attach pdf, Word or other documents to emails so that your clients can receive them, and is FAR better than just linking to the document from your website.  Instead, people can simply read the document straight from the page.

Here’s an example of a Microsoft Word document uploaded to Scribd.  Scribd gives you the code to paste into your website or blog page and it turns out like this:

2008 Seattle Eastside Home Sales


Click the little down arrrow in the top menu and click the plus sign to enlarge the document. (If the web page were wider I could have chosen for the document to appear larger.)

Alternatively, and this goes for anyone without a website as well, you can link to the full page version:

Or, link to the page that gives people download and embed options:


When you upload to Scribd the default is for the document to be public, which is nice for advertising your business.  However, you have the option to keep documents private, which means they won’t show up in Scribd’s searchable database – nice for information that’s just for specific clients.

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