December 15, 2007

Recommended Real Estate Agent Resource – The OUPD Website

by Irene Nash

Recently I was researching an article for Home Expert Tips (The Agent Guide’s real estate newsletter service) and found the most amazing website.  Of all things, it belongs to the University of Oklahoma Police Department.

Here’s why it’s a great resource for you and your real estate clients:

Tons of pertinent, well-researched information.

This site is full of really good tips on things like crime prevention, fire safety, first-aid, personal and vehicle safety – you name it.   I found myself bookmarking pages right and left (always the sign of a solid, no-fluff website).

Each section drills down to spot-on information.

For example, the first-aid section links to ‘Perilous Partners”, a guide to dealing with 26 common house and yard pests, and ‘Plant Smarts’, a guide to over 30 poisonous plants found in homes and yards.

(Handy guides to have, and a pain to find on your own – especially if you’re simultaneously trying to pry a brown recluse spider off of your arm.)

A wide variety of topics.

I also found a list of Highway Emergency Assistance Cell Numbers I didn’t even know existed, as well as a state-by-state cell phone driving law list – always a good one for real estate agents to have on hand.

A little bit of fun.

For a few laughs, don’t miss the Citizen’s Self-Arrest Form.  (For when you commit a crime yourself and want to turn yourself in.)

P.S.  You may just find yourself forwarding that on to a few of your colleagues after the office Christmas party….

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