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Online Photo Editing is Easy, Fun and Free with Picnik

Picnik: photo editing awesomeness

Today I spent a couple of hours looking for an online photo editing tool that would be easy for agents to use to:

1) Edit photos of their properties online, and

2) Allow them to make a decent header graphic for a website on their own.

I realize that last one may seem a bit ‘out there’, but I’m working on what I hope will be an affordable solution for those TOO MANY agents who need a decent website and have nothing.  They seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place, and it’s driving me nuts to see it.  (But that’s another blog post topic.)

Anyway, after thrashing around online for 2 hours I found Picnik, which I think is THE most amazing online photo editing site.

All you do is upload a photo and you can make countless alterations to it, from the standard lighting enhancements to very complicated text effects that look completely professional – it’s awesome!  Not only that, but it’s incredibly easy to do all kinds of ‘artsy’ things such as distort parts of an image, break it into puzzle pieces, add different frames, and oh so much more.

There’s a free membership that offers a ton of options, or for just $24.95 a year you get the premium level with even more options.  I plan to upgrade to that as soon as I’ve done a video showing the basic options.

So, I highly recommend you go play with Picnik right now – yes now!  And yes, I know what I sound like. 🙂 

I love stuff that works, and Picnik is brilliant.

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