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Need a Real Estate Logo? Try Siah Design!

Go to the Siah Designs portfolioThe best real estate logos not only look good, they also get the message across about what the company does.  Ideally they do it in an imaginative way that leaves you saying “I get it!” and “Whoa, how cool!” at the same time.

Can I tell you how DIFFICULT it is to find a designer who actually accomplishes those two things consistently?  I’ve spent hours and hours (and hours) looking at logos, and a lot of the time it’s a bit underwhelming.

So I’m happy to recommend Josiah Jost, owner of Siah Designs – I stumbled on his site last night when I was looking for Twitter graphics and was totally blown away.  Here’s a link to the Siah Designs logo portfolio, check it out.  (These aren’t real estate logos, but they totally hit the mark, so I’m sure he can do that for your real estate business.) I also talked to him and I think his pricing is very reasonable.

By the way, if you use him for your real estate logo design I’d love to hear how it goes!

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