December 15, 2008

Monday’s Marketing Tip – Use Marketing that Survives

by Irene Nash

Postcards are a great way to market yourself in real estate.  People don’t need to open an envelope to see what you sent them, and your postcard is almost guaranteed to get at least a three second look.

But what makes people want to keep your postcard around for more than three seconds?  If you’re sending out the typical ‘Just Listed’ postcard, chances are not much.

People are busier and busier each day – even if they care about you or are curious about real estate, let’s face it – other more pressing issues are knocking at their mental doors each minute.

Here’s a postcard idea that has become a favorite with my clients.  Each month I look up local events and list nine or ten of them on a postcard.  On the back side where the message goes I give my clients a straightforward, from-the-streets view of the market over the past few weeks.

With this one marketing piece they’re getting something highly useful for them, the event information, as well as real estate market information that helps them understand the current housing market.  It also reminds them of my expertise and positions me as the person to go to with questions.

Just as important, it has a long lifespan!  When I walk into my clients’ homes I see this postcard up on the fridge because they use the events list.  My photo and contact number are on the front.

In another post I’ll link to the Publisher template I made that you can use for this postcard.

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