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Jing Makes Screen Recording a Snap

This morning I was reading John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing blog (by the way, this is an awesome blog if you want to get the early bird scoop on incredibly cool products.) Case in point, he posted about the Jing Project, a free downloadable screen recorder from one of our favorite companies, Techsmith.

(Techsmith makes the very affordable Snagit, which makes capturing screen graphics to use in your marketing and website a piece of cake, and the more hefty Camtasia, which is great for recording and editing screen videos, plus making videos of Powerpoint presentations.)

Anyway, knowing the company it didn’t take long for me to figure out that this would probably also rock, so in about 5 minutes I had Jing downloaded and tried it out by making some short (2 or 3 minute) home staging video tutorials using before-and-after photos.

Hope someone finds this, and Jing helpful – and if anyone finds a cool way to use Jing in their business we’d love to hear about it!

By the way, you also get a free account with Screecast, so as soon as you’re done recording and approve the video they upload it to their Screencast site and give you a link to it.

(Also, with Screencast you retain the copyrights to your stuff – unlike a lot of online video hosting places.)

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jeffcard - January 4, 2017

Famous as Jing, it’s really a wonderful screen recorder with comprehensive functionality. But it may be too expensive for some users. I’m currently using Acethinker Free Screen Recorder, this tool also performs great in recording screen.


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