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How to Find Out Who’s Making those Annoying Calls

Have you ever gotten a call from a strange number that you suspected was a marketing call, but when the call went to voice mail no one ever left a message?  It can be annoying, especially when you’re in real estate.  (After all, don’t we secretly always wonder if  this was some great referral from an out of state real estate agent that we missed by not answering?)


Next time that happens there are two things you can do to end the mystery.  One is to simply Google the phone number, which often brings up information about the caller.  The other is to run the number through the search feature on the Who Calls Me website

I used Who Calls Me for a number I received a call from yesterday evening and found a long stream of complaints from the public, as well as directions for getting off of their call list.  (It was from a marketing firm that supposedly engages only in research, so they are apparently exempt from the Do Not Call regulations.)

Hey, anything we can do to make life simpler for real estate agents these days… 🙂

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Greg Perry - April 1, 2009

Another great tip!


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