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How to Add Headers and Footers to a Microsoft Word Document

Have you ever wondered how to get that copyright or contact information into the bottom of a Microsoft Word document so that it shows up on every page?  It’s easy to do, using the ‘Header and Footer” toolbar.

  Here’s how:

1.  In the top horizontal menu click “View”

2.  From the pull-down menu that appears, click “Header and Footer”.   (If you do not see that option listed, click the down arrows at the bottom of the dropdown menu to expand it.)

The main part of the document becomes inactive, and at the top and bottom of the document active Header and Footer regions appear, surrounded by a dashed line.

3.  Click within the header or footer region and type the content you want.  (You can adjust font style and add an image just as you would within the main document body.)

4. When you are finished, click “Close” on the ‘Header and Footer’ toolbar that popped up .  The toolbar will disappear.

5.  If you are happy with the result, click “Save” to save your changes.

That’s it! Remember you can also adjust the font color and size so that the header and footer content does not stand out as much as the main body content.

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