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Heads Up – IRS Phishing Scam on the Loose!

This morning in my email inbox there was a message that was supposedly from the “Internal Revenue Service” with the message line “You have one new message from the IRS United States Department of the Treasury.”

I’m writing about it here because even though I am SUPER skeptical about emails I nearly clicked on it, which is pretty unusual for me.  So maybe I can prevent someone else from doing the same thing.

When I previewed it through my email client I saw that the originating email address domain name was ” irs.revenue.”  A quick search of the IRS site tells you that they never initiate communication via email, and that all of their domains start with “irs.gov.”

So beware – this email had a live link that supposedly led to a form that I could fill out to get a refund.  If you get an email like this, you can report it by forwarding the suspicious email to the IRS at ‘phishing[at]irs.gov.’  (Insert the @ symbol in place of [at].)

Stay safe out there!

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