May 16, 2008

Google Hates Perfectionists

by Irene Nash

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Well, confession time here at The Agent Guide headquarters.  We’re in the process of a massive website makeover, including even a domain name change (so that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life explaining on the phone that no, I am not “The Agent Guy”.  :)

I fell into the well worn trap of stopping a consistent business practice, in this case blogging, because I felt like I was just adding to something that was about to change, and it was tempting to not deal with the old stuff and just wait until the new site was ready.

(Translation:  Until things were ‘perfect‘.)

Dumb mistake!  Not only did traffic to our website drop, but we also lost a level in our site’s Google Page Rank.  Plus, during that month there were a number of useful ideas I wanted to pass on via the blog that I never got to.

So, let’s turn this into something useful for real estate agents.  (Because, let’s face it – this is classic real estate agent behavior.)

I can’t tell you how many agents I talked to a year ago about putting a ‘subscribe’ box for their email newsletter on their site, and they decided to hold off until their new website finished.  (You know, the one being made by programming experts, that was going to have a member-only password protected client section and the dancing house waltzing across the screen when someone clicked ‘Send’ on a contact form – that one.)

A year later,  they still have the generic company site, and no subscribe box….

So please, learn from bozos like us:

  • When it comes to marketing, done ‘pretty well’ is 1000 times better than ‘nearly perfect, but never completed’.
  • If you put a project off until something else is perfect, expect to stumble over its dusty, uncompleted remains sometime next year.
  • If you’re posting content online, make it relevant, and make it consistent – and Google will appreciate you, even if it’s not perfect.

Here’s a thought:  Take 10 minutes today and write down the good marketing ideas you had over the last year that never got executed.  Pick the simplest, least time-consuming one and schedule an hour this week to get it done.

C’mon – why not fire up Microsoft Word and give it a shot now?

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