New Real Estate Agents:

Here's how to skip the learning curve and hit the ground running.

If you're in the first 5 years of your real estate career, here's where you'll find the hands-on, real world advice and real estate training to get the right start.

new agents

Beginner real estate agents -  start here

Real estate tips and tools for newer agents, so you can skip the usual mistakes and be successful in real estate starting Week 1.

skill development

Learn practical real estate skills

Learn how to be highly competent in your real estate career. Tips on working with buyers and sellers, writing offers, pricing homes, and more.

Market yourself

Real estate marketing tips

Discover how to generate leads by tapping into the awesome power of referrals. (If you don't like "salesy" marketing, this is for you. :)

personal growth

Personal development for agents

Learning a new industry and stepping out of your comfort zone can be challenging. These articles will help you maximize your opportunities for personal growth.