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For Real Estate Magnets, Try House of Magnets

Looking to ramp up your real estate marketing? You might want to check out the House of Magnets website for ideas to complement your other projects.  They offer a good selection of magnets in the form of calendars, sport schedules, business card holders, and more – and their prices and order quantities are very reasonable.  Their turnaround time appears to be pretty fast, and you can even have something created with your own custom design if you’re feeling artsy.

I always advise agents to use more than one marketing mode in order to reach all of their clients, and those different tools can build upon each other as well.  Here at Tools For Real Estate we find that the agents using our real estate email newsletter service who have the best email open rates are often the ones who touch base with their clients in other ways as well, whether it’s through an occasional phone call or by supplementing with a gift like the magnets we’re mentioning here.

By the way, we’re not an affiliate of House of Magnets, just a fan based on what we know about them so far.  We’d love to hear your feedback if you end up using them.

Number-of-Days Calculator on

Here’s a handy tool you can use when you’re calculating deadlines in your real estate transactions.  It’s’s date calculator, which allows you to enter in a date, then choose a number of days, weeks, or months to add in order to come up with a final date.  Here’s an example of what it looks like:

They also have a tool for determining the number of days between two dates – click here for that calculator, or on the image above for the future date calculator.

(Of course, keep in mind that ultimately you’re responsible for determining timelines correctly, regardless of what the calculator comes up with. :))

MarketWatch Helps You Keep Track of Housing Reports

Do you sometimes lose track of when the various housing and economic reports are coming out?  It’s easy to do, but since newspapers start buzzing as soon as the Case-Shiller housing numbers or new unemployment figures are released, it’s good to know in advance what’s coming up.  That’s where’s economic calendar page comes in handy.  It shows you the time and date of  each upcoming economic report release, and provides the previous report’s data for comparison.  For example, coming up this week are the Cash-Shiller home price report for January, pending home sales data, and the unemployment rate for March 2011 – all numbers that are likely to affect the real estate market.

Walkscore is a Cool Tool for Agents and Homebuyers

Here’s a good resource for agents working with homebuyers who need to know how close a property is to amenities like shops, parks and libraries.  If you’re in one of 40 major metropolitan areas in the U.S. just plug the address into Walkscore and you’ll immediately see the amenities plotted out on a map around the address.  It also creates a list of each one along with the walking distance, and rates the neighborhood for “walkability”.

Here’s an example:

Screenshot of Walkscore results

With gas prices sky high and the green movement gaining ground, this is probably indicative of a trend in neighborhood review criteria that’s going to grow over time.

10 Cool Links that Make Life Easier

Have you ever stumbled upon an online resource that suddenly seemed to make your life ten times easier? Well, over the years we’ve found quite a few.

Here are 10 of The Agent Guide’s favorite links – some real estate related, some not. Use them yourself, and share them with your clients!


Never recoil in horror when you walk up to your assigned airplane seat again! SeatGuru lets you look up virtually any plane type and rates the seats from best to worst.


Yes, Virginia, there is a human operator on the other end of the line…somewhere, that is. GetHuman gives you the shortcuts to get to a live operator in the phone systems of hundreds of large companies.

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