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Why You Need to Stay YOU In Real Estate (#004)

Here’s some of the best advice I ever received as a new real estate agent, courtesy of my friend Rick Bakke.

Back when I was a struggling new real estate agent, Rick was kind of the maverick warhorse in the office – a high-volume agent who looked a bit like Santa Claus and often delivered purchase and sale agreements from his Harley Davidson.

Rick had some good tips for me as a new agent back then, and I often refer to this one as “the best advice I’ve ever gotten in real estate.”

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Let Zig Ziglar Help You Achieve Your Goals

Have you set your real estate business goals the year?  Whether you already have or they’re still in the works, I highly recommend taking a few moments to watch this video of Zig Ziglar explaining how to set goals in a way that helps you successfully achieve them.  I’ve seen it a few times before, but I always find his advice really insightful – it falls into the category of things that intuitively make sense when you hear them but that are quite easy to forget when you’re bouncing around in the day-to-day world.

Some great Zig Ziglar quotes from the video:

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