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Don’t Lose the Listing Over the Home Staging Consultation


I talked with a real estate agent friend the other day and basically heard the story of how – for the second time now – she had lost a listing because of what happened when the home stager went to the property. (Different home stager each time, so I’m just saying – this is not the stuff of urban legend, it happens more than people might think.)  How ironic is it that an earnest attempt to provide more value to a real estate client ends up alienating them instead?

Here are some thoughts on how to prevent this from happening.

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Home Photo Friday – The Scoop on Photo Resolution

Libby at the studio getting her picture taken

Libby and I got our photos taken earlier this year by Jamie Pflughoeft, owner of the wonderful Cowbelly Pet Photography, and I emailed her last week to ask why the photos that were supposed to be high resolution were 72 dpi (dots per inch) instead of 300 dpi, which is what’s normally used for print.

She emailed back such a nice explanation I thought I’d include it here, since a lot of people (including me, obviously) get confused about this.  Here’s Jamie’s answer:

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