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Newby Tuesday Tip – Brand Your Business the Right Color

Last week a friend of mine in the health care field emailed me a sample of a logo he had just had created through a professional service.  He wanted my opinion on it, and as soon as I looked at it I winced.

I had to write back and tell him (gently) that the colors were totally wrong for his industry, the design was confusing and detracted from the message, and even the type didn’t tell you much useful about the business.  Aagh!

As agents we often make the same type of mistakes with our logos, website colors, etc.  Here’s what I recommend:

Before you spend any money on a branding strategy, read this excellent blog post from called “Business Branding by Color.  It tells you what emotions are evoked by various colors.

Then read David Airey’s blog post “What Makes a Good Logo Design – also extremely important (this page might take a little longer than usual to load, but it’s worth it.)

Since our toolbox logo gets a lot of good comments I’ll tell you the person who did it is Bojan Stefavonic, owner of  I just looked at his project sheet and he might have raised his prices – right now it looks like his projects start at $700.  (His site has great links to logo galleries though, good for ideas.)

Most agents will want something less expensive.  John Williams, who wrote the article, is the founder of, a do-it-yourself logo creating site that I recommend checking out.  Looks like a logo there is $69.

For an intermediate option, check out – they’ll come up with the logo design for you, and packages start at $99.

Bottom line?  Any designer is going to ask you what you want to convey.  The great ones will know much better than you do how to get that across, but you’ll always save yourself time and money by having a grasp on the basics.

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