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A Great Real Estate Postcard Idea

Link to this photo at DreamstimeWant an eye-catching way to advertise to home buyers?  Send this picture as a postcard, with the tagline “Considering Your Next Move?” to prospective home buyers, with a blurb about your services on the back.

(Hey – dogs, dry humor – it’s an unbeatable combination. )

This photo is available here at Dreamstime, which is a royalty-free photo source where you can purchase credits that you use to buy photos with.

For this one you’d want the 300 dpi option (the second one) so that it would print correctly, which would cost just $2.  (The version on the left is watermarked, too small to use and copyrighted unless you actually purchase it at Dreamstime.)

If you want a super easy-to-use, high quality real estate postcard service try XpressDocs – they will actually take an order up to 2 pm CST and have it at your doorstep the next business day.

Google Hates Perfectionists

Dog next to owner with laptop

Well, confession time here at The Agent Guide headquarters.  We’re in the process of a massive website makeover, including even a domain name change (so that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life explaining on the phone that no, I am not “The Agent Guy”.  :)

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Should You Quit Real Estate?

Dog holding ‘End is near’ sign“Quit now” was marketing expert Seth Godin’s Plan A advice a few days ago to the group of real estate agents he called “order takers”.  (You know, the ones who were just carried along by the great housing market we had until a year or so ago.)

To be fair, we ALL benefited from those conditions.  My bet is that nearly every agent can take a business gut check right now and find areas where he or she could up their game in marketing or offerings.

Seth’s Plan B is what I wanted to talk about  – actually, the second part of Plan B.

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Zestimate Shmestimate

dog next to owner on computer

OK, here’s an example of why I believe Zillow’s home value estimates should be used primarily for recreational purposes:

A few days ago a friend called me because his kids are selling their home in one of the cities near Seattle.  It’s been listed in the high $200’s for over a month, down $20K from where it started a few months ago, but it still hasn’t gotten any offers.

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How to Take a Great Business Photo

Photo of Libby wearing medical collar

OK, not all of my business photos have turned out as sketchy as the one above.  (Trust me though – I’ve had some close runner-ups.)

In any case, I ran across some excellent photo tips in Christopher Knight of’s blog post on how to take a great business photo.

It’s a short article, but he tells you which direction you should face for a Western audience (something I’d never even considered), and explains exactly how to look at the camera in order to ‘grab’ the viewer.

So enjoy!  (Just click on the hyperlink above to go straight to the article.)

10 Cool Links that Make Life Easier

Have you ever stumbled upon an online resource that suddenly seemed to make your life ten times easier? Well, over the years we’ve found quite a few.

Here are 10 of The Agent Guide’s favorite links – some real estate related, some not. Use them yourself, and share them with your clients!


Never recoil in horror when you walk up to your assigned airplane seat again! SeatGuru lets you look up virtually any plane type and rates the seats from best to worst.


Yes, Virginia, there is a human operator on the other end of the line…somewhere, that is. GetHuman gives you the shortcuts to get to a live operator in the phone systems of hundreds of large companies.

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