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Newby Tuesday Tip – Listen First, Talk Second

basset with big ears

Have you ever gone on a long-awaited appointment to a professional, like a doctor or counselor, and ended up disappointed because after all that build-up you felt like that person hadn’t really listened to you?

Well, I remember once as a pretty new agent I was being interviewed by prospective buyers who made me nervous, and almost as soon as they sat down I started in on my big buyer agent spiel – complete with workbook, etc.

I could feel them disconnecting from me with every passing minute, but I didn’t know what to do.  It was like being some kind of horrible Broadway tap dancer who couldn’t stop tapping.  (Except there was no big cane to reach out and pluck me off the stage.)

Here’s what I learned from that:

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Monday’s Marketing Tip – Use Marketing that Survives

Postcards are a great way to market yourself in real estate.  People don’t need to open an envelope to see what you sent them, and your postcard is almost guaranteed to get at least a three second look.

But what makes people want to keep your postcard around for more than three seconds?  If you’re sending out the typical ‘Just Listed’ postcard, chances are not much.

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Be the Master of Your Real Estate Domain (Name)

Here are some domain name buying tips to keep in mind:

1. If someone else buys your domain name for you, make sure that you will be the legal owner of the domain name!

Wondering if you own your domain?  Go to, type in your domain name including the .com or .net and click ‘Search’.  Scroll down past the small print and first paragraph.  The ‘Registrant’ should be you.

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Home Photo Friday – The Scoop on Photo Resolution

Libby at the studio getting her picture taken

Libby and I got our photos taken earlier this year by Jamie Pflughoeft, owner of the wonderful Cowbelly Pet Photography, and I emailed her last week to ask why the photos that were supposed to be high resolution were 72 dpi (dots per inch) instead of 300 dpi, which is what’s normally used for print.

She emailed back such a nice explanation I thought I’d include it here, since a lot of people (including me, obviously) get confused about this.  Here’s Jamie’s answer:

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Walkscore is a Cool Tool for Agents and Homebuyers

Here’s a good resource for agents working with homebuyers who need to know how close a property is to amenities like shops, parks and libraries.  If you’re in one of 40 major metropolitan areas in the U.S. just plug the address into Walkscore and you’ll immediately see the amenities plotted out on a map around the address.  It also creates a list of each one along with the walking distance, and rates the neighborhood for “walkability”.

Here’s an example:

Screenshot of Walkscore results

With gas prices sky high and the green movement gaining ground, this is probably indicative of a trend in neighborhood review criteria that’s going to grow over time.