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21 Best New Agent Tips for Real Estate Success [Updated for 2020]

Are you a new agent who wants to be successful in real estate?

If the answer is "Yes", follow these tips that work especially well for beginner real estate agents.

new agent looking at real estate tips with her dog | 21 Best New Agent Tips for Real Estate Success

(After many years in a successful real estate career, I still think I would have at least $400,000 more in the bank if I had read - and implemented - a list of tips like this as a new agent.)

So... let's get started!

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How to Win With Home Buyer Consultations (#007)

OK, fellow agents... who DOESN'T want to always work with prepared, knowledgeable, and loyal home buyer clients?

Show of hands.... Anyone? Anyone? :)

I totally get it. Working with uncommitted prospects can be completely draining (not to mention very unprofitable), and sometimes our clients may not seem ready to move forward when we think they should be.

In my experience the problems usually boil down to two issues:

1) The client has concerns about the home buying process that are simply due to a lack of knowledge.

2) The client doesn't know enough about us to have a good reason to be committed to us as their agent.

Both of these problems are solved when you do home buyer consultations for your buyer prospects and clients. These consultations are SO worth it, and they're win-win: great for your clients, and great for your real estate business!

In Episode 007 of the podcast we finish up our two-part segment on Home Buyer Consultations with tips on:

  • How to invite your home buyer prospect to a consultation.
  • How to close (kindly, non-awkwardly) at the end of the consultation.
  • What NOT to say when you give your invitation. (Seriously - words that make me feel like leaping out of my chair and sprinting towards the deep woods, hurdling logs and small mammals.) OK, I'm a bit claustrophobic. But you get the drift.

Don't miss part 1 of this segment in Podcast Episode 6, "Are Home Buyers Really Liars?".  (You'll find two great free downloads for you there as well.)

Are Home Buyers Really Liars? (#006)

Are home buyers really liars, as real estate agents are sometimes fond of saying?

Well... let's talk about that.

In Episode 6 of the Lab Tested Real Estate Podcast we discuss:

  • Things buyers do that really are red flags.
  • The underlying problem that can cause home buyers to do the wrong thing. (Hint: Yup, sometimes it's the agent's fault.)
  • A very practical solution you can use to make sure you're working with committed, ready-to-buy clients. (And it filters out the ones who aren't serious. Yesss! :)
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Why You Need to Stay YOU In Real Estate (#004)

Here’s some of the best advice I ever received as a new real estate agent, courtesy of my friend Rick Bakke.

Back when I was a struggling new real estate agent, Rick was kind of the maverick warhorse in the office – a high-volume agent who looked a bit like Santa Claus and often delivered purchase and sale agreements from his Harley Davidson.

Rick had some good tips for me as a new agent back then, and I often refer to this one as “the best advice I’ve ever gotten in real estate.”

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Condo Buying: 15 “Must Ask” Buyer Questions [Free Checklist] (#003)

Do you have condo buying real estate clients?

When you do, make sure they know the right questions to ask… before things are finalized!

It can save your buyers many thousands of dollars… plus mean the difference between happy clients who are excited to refer you versus ones who are not.

Here’s a list of 15 “Must Ask” Condo Buying Questions (and a free downloadable Condo Buying Checklist) you can use to help your clients make choices they’ll be happy with long term.

Condo buying dog looking over balcony
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How To Get Real Estate Testimonials – In Your Hands! (#002)

Did you know that testimonials are one of most under-used sales tools in real estate? The power of your current clients to sell your value to others is far greater than your own power to sell yourself. And unlike most forms of real estate advertising, testimonials are free!

So… why is that most agents spend years generating happy clients without a written word to show for it?

Let’s explore three simple but highly effective steps that will get those glowing testimonials right into your hands.

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