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Welcome to Lab Tested Real Estate. If you're a real estate agent who wants to do the best job for your clients and build the strongest business possible, you're in the right place!

My Mission

It is my passion and my mission to share with you the lessons I've learned during the last 19 years of real estate, so that my experiences can help you be the best agent you can be and grow a rock solid business as quickly as possible.

(As you probably know, these things are typically not what they teach you in real estate school.)

And if you've been in real estate any time at all, you may have noticed two big problems:

1) The first problem is that while there's a ton of training out there on how to get more real estate clients, there's very little training available on something that's absolutely crucial: How to actually BE a great agent!

Who teaches you all the hundreds of things you need to know on a day-to-day basis in real estate? Like how to fill out a contract so that your client is well protected? How to do an effective home buyer consultation? How to price a home correctly? (There's way more to it than many agents realize.)

Or, how to handle a potential listing in a way that gets the seller excited about working with you?

Those and a thousand other things I had to learn the hard way. Ouch.

I still see seasoned agents with ten or twenty years in real estate making mistakes that should be avoidable - and yes, I occasionally make them myself, as painful as that is to admit. I absolutely hate making mistakes, but the bright side is that now you get to learn from them.

2) The second problem is that most real estate training, regardless of what it's about, is too conceptual. Trainers tell you WHAT to do, but often fail to explain exactly HOW to do it. And I mean step by step, word by word, down to the seemingly insignificant little details that can trip us up and sideline our projects for years.

Listen, the best concepts in the world are worthless if we can't put them into action, right?  And in real estate, an unfinished marketing project can cost us tens of thousands of dollars in lost income.

My Goal

My goal here on Lab Tested Real Estate is to fix those two problems. That means you'll find practical, ACTIONABLE tips and resources to help you be the best agent you can possibly be. I'll also share with you the many things I've learned in hindsight that you can use to to grow your business more quickly and effectively.

Much of what you'll find here will be free, some of it won't be. Either way, my goal is for everything I share with you to be high quality, ethical, actionable, and fair.  Oh, and occasionally funny, of course. :)

Alright, since you may be wondering.... Here's the scoop on me and the Lab Tester.

Who Am I?

My name is Irene Nash, and I've spent the last 19 years working as a real estate agent in the busy Seattle area housing market. I'm the founder of Lab Tested Real Estate, and also the founder of ToolsForRealEstate.com, an award-winning real estate e-newsletter service that has been helping agents market themselves better online since 2008.

​Starting out was not easy...

As a new agent I knew virtually nothing about the real estate business (or, um, houses), and my "sphere list" had twelve people on it.  (Notably, six of those people were bobbing around on fishing boats in the Bering Sea.)

Through plain hard work, hanging in there, and striving for excellence I managed to build a successful six-figure real estate business with many happy, loyal clients. Phew! :)

It was tough going at times, but fortunately I had an excellent dog at my side for a lot of my journey.

What's Up With the 'Lab Tested'?

Well, all of the knowledge I share with you on this website is lab tested.  In the best possible way, and by that I mean by a Yellow Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.

When I had been in real estate for a few years I acquired a lovely six-month-old dog from a local rescue organization. Libby had seen some rough times and knew how to tip over trash cans for food, but she was smart and good-natured and quickly learned how to adapt to real estate life.

With some confidence and training her sweet, quirky, easy-to-be-around and amazingly loyal personality made her the companion of a lifetime for me, and a fun diversion for many of my clients. We logged thousands of real estate miles together, and she was even the stand-in when one of my clients was too camera shy to be in her own "Just Moved" postcard.

Nearly all of my experiences in real estate involve Libby in some way, so it would be impossible for me to share the spirit of those experiences with you without including her.

More importantly, I believe dogs can teach us lessons we would do well to learn.

When I think of Libby's unquenchable good nature, patience, resilience, and optimism, I realize those are high standards to live up to. They're also key character traits we all need in order to be successful in real estate and in life.​

So yes, that's why this really is "Lab Tested Real Estate". :)