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A New Look For Our Real Estate Email Newsletters

Here at Tools For Real Estate it has been a few years since we rolled out a redesign of our email newsletters, so I’m excited to tell you about the improvements.  Our goal is always to stay current with the needs of your readers while keeping a clean, beautiful email newsletter format.  With so many people now reading email on smartphones and tablets, it was time to make sure we were using the best in responsive, mobile-friendly e-newsletter design, and we took the opportunity to make the overall format more appealing on all devices.

Here’s an example of the OLD version on a smartphone:

old email newsletter design


Here’s a screenshot of the NEW header section as seen on smartphones:

new email newsletter design on smartphone


And just below the header section in the NEW version:

new design for sub-heading of real estate email newsletter on smartphone


The main article sections are also much more mobile-friendly with the new design.

Here’s an example of the OLD version on a smartphone:

Old email newsletter article shown on smartphone


And here’s what an article section looks like on a smartphone in the NEW version:

New article section of real estate e-newsletter

A Few Other Things

We’ve also spruced up the overall look for a cleaner, more modern design.  If you look through the real estate email newsletter samples on our website you’ll notice that there are fewer calls to action, but the ones that are there are more noticeable than before. (The goal is to be effective, not overwhelming.)  The end result is a real estate email newsletter that’s professional and friendly without being “salesy”.

And, of course, our new email newsletter design still looks great on regular desktop and laptop displays:

Real estate e-newsletters shown on pc and laptop display

If you’re not one of our clients yet you can visit our website to learn more about how our real estate email newsletter service works, or head over to our sign-up page to take a satisfaction-guaranteed trial.

Working for your success in real estate!

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