July 5, 2008

A Great Real Estate Postcard Idea

by Irene Nash

Link to this photo at DreamstimeWant an eye-catching way to advertise to home buyers?  Send this picture as a postcard, with the tagline “Considering Your Next Move?” to prospective home buyers, with a blurb about your services on the back.

(Hey – dogs, dry humor – it’s an unbeatable combination. )

This photo is available here at Dreamstime, which is a royalty-free photo source where you can purchase credits that you use to buy photos with.

For this one you’d want the 300 dpi option (the second one) so that it would print correctly, which would cost just $2.  (The version on the left is watermarked, too small to use and copyrighted unless you actually purchase it at Dreamstime.)

If you want a super easy-to-use, high quality real estate postcard service try XpressDocs – they will actually take an order up to 2 pm CST and have it at your doorstep the next business day.

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