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3 Great Resources for Real Estate Agents

Occasionally in our online travels we find resources for real estate agents that turn out to be extremely handy. Here are three that I’ve found to be both useful and usable (because if we don’t actually end up using a tool it doesn’t matter how great it is, right?)

Teux Deux Online Planner

I’ve tried planners and more planners, online and off. When I first got into real estate over 16 years ago I used the wire binder At-a-Glance schedulers (and yet could somehow still, magically, remember an appointment scheduled five weeks prior even if it wasn’t written down).  No longer. 🙂 Since then it seems like every online planner I’ve tried was just not that user-friendly – either complicated with features I didn’t need, or just not the kind of thing I ended up using consistently, for whatever reason. Enter the Teux Deux planner, which is surprisingly simple, yet very effective – and I’ve been using it pretty much daily for around two years.


There’s a 30-day free trial, which is what I tried out after I first saw it, so I’ll let you check it out for yourself rather than go into a long spiel about it. Suffice to say it’s very user-friendly, and at $3 per month for a “skeptic” and $24 per year for a “believer”, I don’t think these guys are trying to gouge anybody.  (There’s an app for the iPhone, and since I switched to Android I’ve been using the web-based version on my phone.)


123notaryI found this free nationwide notary-finding service when I needed a courtesy signing at a client’s place of work and escrow’s regular mobile notaries were all booked up. It became handy again when some clients needed to sign while vacationing in another state and escrow couldn’t find any notaries nearby.  If you use it, just check first with your escrow service to make sure that the notary you choose is acceptable to them based on whatever standards or regulations that escrow may have. For the record, the one we’ve used twice via that service is not “123Notary.com Certified” and she has done a good job.

Pablo Image Creator

You know those images that everyone shares on Facebook and Twitter – the ones that have a cool photo along with a heading and a caption that make some kind of galvanizing statement, and that subsequently get shared about 12 million times? (Regardless of whether the statement is true or not, but that’s another blog post. Actually, that’s a book. But I digress.)


The free Pablo Image Creator from the folks at Buffer lets you easily create your own image-message combinations that are correctly sized for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. (These are, of course, different sizes. 🙂 )

You can choose from over 600,000 free images, use different fonts, and try out various image filter styles. For real estate agents, this could be a quick and easy way to spruce up a blog post or website page, or to make a social media post stand out with a clear message.

Buffer is a service similar to Hootsuite, which lets you simultaneously post to multiple social media accounts. Hootsuite put me off when it looked like I had to enable access to all of my Contacts recently just to make a settings change, and I love Buffer’s “transparency” section where they basically tell you exactly where the money goes, and even mistakes that they’ve made.

(To be clear, the Pablo Image Creator is their free tool that you can use without signing up for anything.)

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Braden Bills - December 8, 2016

I’m trying to come up with a good way to get my real estate handled. It makes sense that I would want to use an online planner! That would definitely make it easier to keep track of things.


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