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10 Cool Links that Make Life Easier

Have you ever stumbled upon an online resource that suddenly seemed to make your life ten times easier? Well, over the years we’ve found quite a few.

Here are 10 of The Agent Guide’s favorite links – some real estate related, some not. Use them yourself, and share them with your clients!

1. www.SeatGuru.com

Never recoil in horror when you walk up to your assigned airplane seat again! SeatGuru lets you look up virtually any plane type and rates the seats from best to worst.

2. www.GetHuman.com

Yes, Virginia, there is a human operator on the other end of the line…somewhere, that is. GetHuman gives you the shortcuts to get to a live operator in the phone systems of hundreds of large companies.

3. www.TimeandDate.com

Let’s face it – sometimes it’s just easiest to pull up a calendar online. TimeandDate.com has instant calendars, time zone calculators plus tools to calculate the duration between two dates (handy for contracts.)

4. www.Contractors.com Project Cost Estimator

Plug in the details for a home renovation or building project and get an instant quote. Specific to geographic region and surprisingly accurate.

5. www.Nolo.com

Need to make a living will? Learn about trademarking your business logo? Find out if you can sue Aunt Millie for running over your cat? Look no further than Nolo.com – a vast and well-respected online supplier of legal information.

6. www.VRBO.com

VRBO stands for “Vacation Rental By Owner”, and it is the source for great vacation rentals pretty much anywhere in the world. Frequently updated, and many rentals have customer reviews.

7. www.Petfinder.com

OK, the pet scene isn’t for everyone. But if you’re in the market to adopt a homeless animal, Petfinder’s the place to find “the one” in thousands of shelters across the U.S. (Libby highly recommends, by the way.)

8. www.Blurb.com

Do you have a book inside you? Get it out! And get it printed with bookstore quality printing and binding at Blurb.com. Quantities start at 1 (yes, one) and prices at $12.95.

9. www.Jott.com

Do some of your best ideas come when you’re cruising down the highway and can’t write them down? Call Jott instead. Your voice mail to yourself will be transcribed and emailed to you by the time you get home.

10. www.CarTalk.com Mechanics Files

Wouldn’t you love to know what previous clients had to say about a mechanic before you handed over the keys? Well, Car Talk gives you real customer reviews for mechanics all over the U.S. (I’ve used this in three different areas and always found “keepers”.)

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