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Are Home Buyers Really Liars? (#006)

Are home buyers really liars, as real estate agents are sometimes fond of saying?

Well... let's talk about that.

In Episode 6 of the Lab Tested Real Estate Podcast we discuss:

  • Things buyers do that really are red flags.
  • The underlying problem that can cause home buyers to do the wrong thing. (Hint: Yup, sometimes it's the agent's fault.)
  • A very practical solution you can use to make sure you're working with committed, ready-to-buy clients. (And it filters out the ones who aren't serious. Yesss! :)
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Why You Need to Stay YOU In Real Estate (#004)

Here’s some of the best advice I ever received as a new real estate agent, courtesy of my friend Rick Bakke.

Back when I was a struggling new real estate agent, Rick was kind of the maverick warhorse in the office – a high-volume agent who looked a bit like Santa Claus and often delivered purchase and sale agreements from his Harley Davidson.

Rick had some good tips for me as a new agent back then, and I often refer to this one as “the best advice I’ve ever gotten in real estate.”

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How To Get Real Estate Testimonials – In Your Hands! (#002)

Did you know that testimonials are one of most under-used sales tools in real estate? The power of your current clients to sell your value to others is far greater than your own power to sell yourself. And unlike most forms of real estate advertising, testimonials are free!

Unfortunately, most agents spend years generating happy clients without a written word to show for it, and here’s why:

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Don’t Let An Early Home Closing Sideline the Sale

Is your home purchase transaction going to close earlier than expected? If so, it’s vitally important to make sure the insurance company knows about it.  If not, you might find that on the closing day the lender’s underwriter red-flags the final review of signed documents because the closing date falls before the insurance coverage starts.

Here’s a recent real-life example:  The contract closing date language was appropriate (written as “on or before” a specific date, which in Washington state gives escrow the option to close early), but the loan processor didn’t catch the fact that the insurance policy was set to begin only on that specific date.  The buyer signed all of his loan documents, and it wasn’t until the lender was doing its final review – on the morning of the closing day – that an underwriter caught the oversight, triggering a flurry of calls to the insurance company.

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Don’t Lose the Listing Over the Home Staging Consultation


I talked with a real estate agent friend the other day and basically heard the story of how – for the second time now – she had lost a listing because of what happened when the home stager went to the property. (Different home stager each time, so I’m just saying – this is not the stuff of urban legend, it happens more than people might think.)  How ironic is it that an earnest attempt to provide more value to a real estate client ends up alienating them instead?

Here are some thoughts on how to prevent this from happening.

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